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The Cycle of Comfort Part 4. Reading, Stitching, and Gratitude!


Hello There, 

How nice that you've stopped by to visit!  We are concluding our study of Matthew West's song, "Truth be told", taking a peek at some books I've been reading, seeing what's happening in my sewing room with fabric, yarn and wool, and lastly, sharing some wonderful sights for which I am grateful!  I'm glad you're here!

The Cycle of Comfort Part 4:  Freedom in the Truth! 

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I love the ending of this song:
"There's no failure, no fall
There's no sin You don't already know
So let the truth be told"  
Yes!  God sees everything about us!  He knows everything about us - even those so called "secret sins"!  He knows the darkest parts of our hearts - and guess what?
That means you, dear Reader!
He loves you!
He sent His Son to die for us - even before we loved Him - even while we were still sinners!
He loved and continues to love us!
When our hearts are hopeless.
When we believe no one loves us.
There is One who loves us - warts and all!
There is nothing you or I have done that will separate us from Him!
Read this next Scripture carefully, my dear!
Absolutely nothing can separate you or me from the love of God. 
It's so simple to have this forever love.
I came to realize that yes, I'm sinner.  Every day we all sin in one form or fashion.  
came to realize that Jesus died on the cross to carry the burden of my sin so that I could have eternal life.  
came to realize that I needed God's forgiveness and guidance as I had made such a mess of my life!
Once I came to these realizations, prayed for forgiveness and asked Him to be the anchor of my life, I began to grow in confidence, love, peace...
Slowly He began to change my life.  
The truth be told?
I needed God - and still do.
These realizations are my daily life.  
I need God to guide, direct, forgive, encourage, protect, and to love me.  The list could go on for all of eternity.
The truth be told?
I need God and so do you.
The truth be told?
He loves me - and you.  
Might you give Him a try?  

Currently Reading

Upon Daddy's recommendation, I watched the movie, Same Time Next Year.  When I saw this book was based on that movie, I just had to start it via audio!  I'm barely in a few minutes and am hooked!  

After reading Stormie O'Martian's testimony, I just had to read her book on praying through fear!

Caramelo by Sandra Cisneros 
I loved this book so much!  Though I listened to it on audio, this will be one I read again via hard copy.  There are so many true dichos (sayings) that I must capture them in my reading journal.  Five stars for this book!

In a Book Club Far Away by Tif Marcelo
As the wife of a retired Air Force member, I could certainly relate to this wonderful book.  Tif Marcelo completely captured the military experience from the military families' point of view.  She made many good points in her book regarding our experience.  The plot was well written with a twist I wasn't expecting.  
Next Up:  

Yarny numbers
Again, no changes this week!
Fabric numbers
Nothing in/out this week!  
Productivity Stats
I made a bunch of blocks, but no finished quilt - yet!     

Last Week's List
1.  Prepped Projects:  Stitch up 10 Qube Crush blocks.  😉  I stitched up about 17 blocks!  Yea!  They are already mixed in with my other blocks, so a photo would be difficult to take.  
2.  Continue to make progress on one of my two slow stitching projects:  my hexagon afghan.  😉  Doing good here as well!  I'm trying to get it into a rectangle.  What was I thinking when I first stitched it together!  Can I blame it on chemo brain?  :)
3.  Prepped Projects:  Stitch up the remaining prepped blocks for Melva's Santa Fe SAL!   
I mentioned that I decided to make two quilts from this fun and easy sew along.  This week I was able to catch up with all four blocks in both colorways.  Here they are!
Block 1:  Kit in the Corner

Block 2:  Double Nine

Block 3:  Indian Star

Block 4:  Snow
4.  Slow Stitching:  Progress on my Christmas Tree.  😉 This little guy needs to be finished this week so I can meet my goal over at 1 Xmas Item A Month!

This Week's List
1.  Prepped Projects:  Stitch up the last few Qube Crush blocks.  
2.  Continue to progress on my hexagon afghan.  
3.  Stitch up my pile of mending - yuck!  
4.  Slow Stitching:  Progress on my Christmas Tree.  

I hope you enjoy this week's Gratitude Journey.
Recently, we seem to have been invaded  by moths.  I'm not sure why or how to get rid of them.  Any suggestions?  
My granddaughter took this photo
which I can't help but appreciate!
This little guy found a cool place to rest.
Sometimes our challenges seem monumental,
but it's all a matter of perspective.
I love this quote on self-control!
I babysat my grand-dog, Marley, and his worried little face captured my heart!
His howling for his daddy drove me nuts though!
After reading this quote in my Happy Planner
reading journal, I shared it with my granddaughter.
She giggled,
looked at me with such love
and said, 
"Oh Ama!  It's true!  You're such a silly Ama!"

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

UPDATE:  July 3, 2021
I didn't make it to all my favorite links ups. 
I really must learn to pace myself
so that I don't get so exhausted!
See you all tomorrow!

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  1. Yes, thank you Jesus for the Cross.
    Sorry for the link up missing at Sunday Scriptures Link Up. I fixed it and added yours. Have a happy week.

  2. I'm always amazed how different a quilt looks when you change the fabrics. It will be fun to see both finished tops.

  3. Cute mitten, and thanks for the book recommendations! Hope you have a great week!

  4. Lots of lovely things in your post this week! I'm enjoying seeing your Santa Fe Trail blocks in their different colorways. What a look on the granddog's face! I would also rather be happy than dignified!

  5. Great books on your list. I always enjoy Elin Hilderbrand's books, although I haven't read this one yet.

    Have a great week!

  6. Goals do help us finish things! Such a terrific goal to have 1 Christmas item finished each month!

  7. Great to hear you liked the Tif Marcelo book, gives me anticipation for when I get to it. I did read 28 Summers, I was in two minds about it but still did like it.

  8. So thankful that nothing can separate us from the love of God. I enjoy seeing what books you're reading.

  9. I love all your Santa Fe blocks, that's going to be a beautiful quilt. Your Christmas mitten is adorable. You've been doing a LOT of reading! I had forgotten all about the Same Time Next Year movie.

  10. I was a quilter when I was young, and I made about ten quilts, but the last quilt I started in 2000 and it's still on the hoop in my back room! I love seeing how you keep track of fabric in and fabric out...quilters are a bit like readers.

    We had a huge moth invasion here in early May but in a couple of weeks it was gone.

    The Giver and Island of the Blue Dolphins are two books I've read and enjoyed very much.

    I'm so glad you joined us at Sunday Salon.

  11. Marley is a cutie! I love that Charlotte Bronte quote. Jane Eyre is one of my favorite books. Have a wonderful week!

  12. I remember reading Island of the Blue Dolpins in grade school and loved it! What pretty quilt patterns - such a gift! I am so glad that He knows everything - EVERYTHING - and loves me still! What a good! Good Father we have!

  13. I never read Island of the Blue Dolphins! Pretty amazing since it was very popular when I was a kid/teen - somehow I missed it. And I finally read The Giver as an adult, but I haven't read the rest of that series yet.

    I didn't realize that 28 Summers was based on Same Time Next Year! I know the basic premise, but I haven't watched the movie (nor read the book, though I've heard a lot about it).

    Hope you enjoy your books and sewing this week!


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