Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Thoughtful Tuesday. Fiber Finishes. To Do Tuesdays.

Thoughtful Tuesdays

I have a new blog to feature for Thoughtful Tuesday.  It's Laura Rath's post called Less of Me on her blog Journey In Faith.  She shared this phrase:
Nature | More of you, less of me -Laura Rath LORD | image tagged in nature | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
God's timing was perfect...
We all have troubling, personal issues crop up.  During a professional conversation, someone said, "'s not all about them!"

And it hit me.

It's all about our Savior and LORD!  
If we pray for 
more of Him, 
less of us, 
we can gain clarity and peace. 
Laura wrote it so eloquently, I encourage you to visit her post and be blessed!

Fiber Finishes
How I've missed my sewing studio!  We had a joyful reunion this past week and I finished these tea towels!
Just in time for Dia de los muertos (Day of the Dead).  This is a time when we remember with warmth and laughter our deceased loved ones.  

Here is a closeup of some of the Bingo style trimmings.
 The last picture of the miner reminds me of how hard my step-grandfather worked to support his family.
 The first picture reminds me of how all of our grandmothers/mothers almost always had a freshly cooked "sopita" (Mexican pasta), beans and chili on the stove whenever we visited!

Crocheted Scarves and Hangers
I finished this cowl for myself in honor of Breast Cancer Month!  I used Crafty Begonia's pattern.  To make it a bit longer, I chained 36", used double strands of yarn and a K hook.

The leftover yarn (and some stash yarn) combined to make two more crocheted hanger covers!

To Do Tuesday
Last Week's List
Finish 3 more Covered In Love blocks. Done!

Make progress on Prayer Shawl #5 as well as the Pink Hanger Covers. Done!

Slow Stitching
Make progress on the Felt Advent Calendar.  Done!

This weeks list:
Complete Dia de los muertos pot holders  Already Done!
Finish Binding on my Around the House Mini Quilt

*Make progress on Prayer Shawl #5
*I really feel like making progress on my Hexagon Afghan.  

Slow Stitching
Make progress on the Felt Advent Calendar.  

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  1. Lots going on over here - thanks for sharing your update!

    1. Yes, I seem to have gotten my mojo back! Thank You for hosting the link up - you are indeed getting closer to 100!

  2. You have been busy! Doesn't look like you left your crafting room!

    1. LOL! Yes, I have! In fact, I've missed being in there so much! Lately, however, I've been on a roll, getting my crafty mojo back! Thank you so much for visiting and commenting!

  3. I love your Dia de Los muertos towels! And how wonderful that they bring back good memories of your loved ones to you! Your scarf and your hanger covers are great!

    1. Thank you! You know, I realized that I forgot to mention the first picture of the last row - the wonderful teacher! Thank you for stopping by!