Friday, March 6, 2015

Laughter. Food. Love. Chemo 1/16 OH MY GOD!

My sister in law got here last Saturday.  She has been on the East Coast for 2 1/2 years, far too long to be away from our colorful Mexican culture, close family and friends and ¡nuestra comida sabrosa! (Our savory food!). 

As soon as she landed, we kicked it off with our beloved Chico's Tacos!   It was a food feast!   Sunday morning was the best menudo in town!  Then a small get together with KFC filling in for my pork roast.  It didn't cook in time, so everyone got to take it home instead. Monday was delicious Vietnamese food.  Tuesday was my first chemo (more on that later) BUT I was able to enjoy a last bite of one of the best gorditas in town.   Yesterday my wonderful family enjoyed tamales!   Today the feast contined with my son's delicious cooking - burritos!   I've even had a few bites!   Here's a picture:   
He's become quite the chef!    He made me these fajitas a bit ago!
I know, huh? Mouthwatering!

Tuesday was my first chemo treatment and I wish I could say I was brave and full of God's grace. Well, I wasn't a whimpering lion, but I did cry. It was unbelievably difficult to sign the consent form to allow the toxins into my body.  But, as one friend pointed out to a magazine cover subtitle to me:   "I pictured the cancer leaving my body!"  So I focused on that image.  But it was hard, really hard.  My respect has grown by leaps and bounds for those who have gone before me.  You're amazing!

I got a Nuelasta shot Wednesday afternoon.  The side affects didn't really hit until Wednesday night.  Thank God it's only been severe nausea and fatigue. I slept 24 hours straight.  

My daughter and I have been apart for awhile - separated by my kriptonite:   Germs.  She snuck around the back yard and brought me a care package - which she hung on my bedroom French door  handles. My brave poodle guard dogs who haven't left my side didn't hear her.  But then she decided she just HAD to see me so she came back to get a better look - and that's when all hell broke looses!   Barking poodles!   Screaming chemo patient!   Laughing chemo patient!  My sister in law running in to see what the commotion was about!   Daughter fleeing the scene!   True comedy!  Hilarious!

We finished 1/16 treatments. This is going to be a long tough journey.  But we're gonna make it.  We really are.  

For today that is my truth.  


  1. Well, I enter a comment but it blew away into cyberspace! that has been happening me these 2 days! I wrote all my lesson plans that had to be uploaded on line yesterday evening and google decided(though it is supposed to be auto saved in google drive)it disappeared, I nearly cried! that was over 1&1/2 hours of work gone so I prayed for God's courage to do it all again & loose 1&1/2 hrs. of much needed sleep-time. Thank God it went thru the 2nd time. Said that to say that the comment I wrote you was great but now it is gone so I'll try to remember(haha, that seems to be a problem sometimes, esp for short term issues!)what I wrote:
    Any way: Praising God that your humor is still strong. Loved this story so honest, open, true, funny and loving! Truly you are an encouragement by sharing all that is going on! Praying the nausea will go away and that you will get the energy you need. Sleep really is a good thing!

    Poor Nicolle, bless her heart! So thanking God for all that He is doing as this battle you are going thru is already won, by His stripes we were healed! I agree with Lupe it is washing that ugly cancer beast out of your body in the name of Jesus. War is declared and praying for your strength as you go thru each battle! Well, I didn't write the same comment as before but hopefully this is somewhat of an encouragement to you, for you have encouraged me! Love you dearest friend & sister!

  2. I know what you mean! But, today is your last day! Yea! See you soon!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the story! Nicolle said she was very concerned about spreading germs, so she took off before we could hug her! I hope my writing is getting better and more enjoyable to read!

    Thank you for your prayers!
    Love you!