Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dread. Drained. Coloring Outside the Lines. A New Project.

This Day Before Chemo has been a strange one.  I feel dread, real dread. 

dread:  verb to anticipate with great apprehension or fear
noun great fear or apprehension
Yup.  That's been today.  So, I did what I normally do when I'm upset.  I ate the most delicious twistee doughnuts in Las Cruces.  I went to Hobby Lobby and talked with my friends from the yarn and sewing departments.  I perused the aisles admiring yarn, patterns and scrapbooking supplies. 
I passed on the yarn mainly because I have a substantial stash.  Oh!  FYI Polly and Isabel, I just found another box of yarn!  Yikes!  :0

I did find two patterns for chemo hats that I'm going to try. 
M6521, Headband, Head Wraps and HatsM4116, Misses' Turban,  Headwrap & Caps
I don't know if I can make them, but I'm gonna try! 

Yes, my hair has started falling out, a few strands at a time.  My husband says those are the renegade strands.  My head feels strange, tingly and itchy, really weird.  Another thing to dread - losing my hair.  But I'd much rather be alive and bald than dead with a full head of hair.  Do me a favor?  Remind me of those words later on....
I'm a bit drained tonight just thinking of tomorrow.  I'm hopeful because the doctor is changing my nausea medication in hopes that my systems will be greatly reduced.  I hope.
My daughter and I joined our local Bernina quilt shop's $7.50 Club.  It's really cool.  Basically we make a block a month for an entire year.  We pay $7.50 for the first month's fabric and pattern.  Then, if we are "good girls" and make our block, we are rewarded with the next month's fabric and pattern at no charge!  The really challenging part for me is that we chose which colors go where.  So, tomorrow at chemo, I'll be playing with blocks and colored pencils.  Here's a bit of what I've designed so far.  I'm far from done. 
I also decided to use some of my precious fabric from Lancaster, PA to join this Block of the Month project from Clover and Violet Simple Scrappy Quilt ( ).  Here are my own first two squares. 

 The fabric is from a line called Happy, and it does indeed make me happy just to see it.  One of these days, I need to show you my sewing/scrapbooking room.  It's a precious gift from my husband and two close friends.  It's amazing.  Sometimes God just blesses our boots off.  Sometimes, I forget those blessings.  Like now. 
Overall, I'm indeed blessed. 
For today, that's my truth!

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  1. Very cool scarfs. My favorite is the one in the middle of the bottom. I also like your quilt squares. Stay positive my friend.