Saturday, June 11, 2022

Weekly Word: Unto To Thee + Stitching and Gratitude This Week!


Hello there!

Here in Las Cruces, out temps have been over 100 degrees!  We now make sure our errands are completed by 11:00 am!  I'm also adding an extra, 5 minute run of our sprinkler system at dusk.  Whew!

I have to say I'm still enjoying having a retired husband at home!  We're going on 8 weeks and still loving it!  True story:  when he would go to work after a week or so at home, I'd shed a few tears as he drove off.  Yes, after 42 years, I'd still miss him.  

I hope you enjoy this post as you find encouragement in the Weekly Word, learn how I've backslid in my reading habits, joined a new BOM and found gratitude in the every day.  

Thank you so much for popping in!

As my weekly posts are jampacked with lots of fun mini- articles, here's is an index should you have a special interest you'd like to read first!  Otherwise, settle in with your favorite beverage and snack and enjoy!  
The Weekly Word - is a short devotional that sometimes becomes a Bible Study series.  
My Reading Life - is filled with current, completed and upcoming reads as well as an occasional short review.      
Stash Report and To Do Tuesday is where I'll share share stats regarding my fiber usage and acquisitions, goals met/lack thereof and photos of my projects.   
Gratitude Journal - Sometimes I get lost in my own stinky thinking.  This digital journal reminds me to count my blessings!    

Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer - Here you will find updates on life after Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  I was diagnosed in November of 2014 and my last day of treatment was in November 2015.   

Weekly Word

Remember this praise and worship song based on Psalm 25?
Wherever you are, whatever you face, whatever is happening in our lives, these words can be our strength.  
In my mind, our enemies - be them physical, spiritual or emotional - can be dealt with by turning to our precious LORD  and Savior.  
It may take time, but let us remember to put on the weapons of our warfare (Ephesians 6:10-18) and to pray.  
Sometimes the battle, my beloved reader, will take time.  But, after we have done all we can, wearing our spiritual warfare and praying in the spirit, we stand, we stand firm (Ephesians 6:13-14).  
Our knees may be wobbly, but we stand firm.
Our hearts may be bleeding, but we stand firm.
Our spirits may be crushed, but we stand firm.
We do not stand alone, but with our Abba Father.
So, my beloved, let us stand and know we may be crushed, but we are not destroyed (2 Corinthians 4:8-10).  
Someone - our Father - is fighting for us.

My Reading Life

Currently reading

Oh, my dear Bibliophiles, I did it again!  I am now reading multiple books instead of focusing on just one!  But they are all wonderful reads!  I'm even deriving a bit joy from Nancy Drew as my granddaugther and I read through this series together!  😏

See my Gratitude Journal to see how I'm starting to organize these multiple reads and even my projects!  

★★★★★ Flowers For Algernon was written in 1958, hence the language referring to the protagonist.  It is insightful and left me pondering how we treat the vulnerable members in our society.  It gives great insight to the minds of those who are impaired.  This book will stay in my heart. 
★★ The Bungalow Mystery  is, again, a Buddy Read with my 11-year-old granddaughter.  I enjoyed this series immensely as a child, as an adult, not so much.  But with each book read, I am enjoying the experience with my granddaughter.  She recommends reading this book in the daytime, as it's too spooky to read at night.  😊

Stash Report

Yarny Numbers
There were no changes in my yarn stash.  
Fabric Numbers
Today I received my fabric for the new BOM held by Be Sew Creative, my local quilt shop!  Just look at these colors!  
The pattern is called A Road Trip Quilt.  I'm not sure my skills are up to par, but I believe I'm up to the challenge!  

To Do Tuesday

Last Week's List
1. Sunday Slow StitchingStitch up one hexie a day.  Done!  I actually got 11 finished!
Eleven more hexies!
2.  Crochet This week I'll be taking a break from crochet to perhaps catch up on the QAYG hexies.  Done!  I am carrying a small portable project in the car, but no real goals set!  
3.  Machine Sewing & Christmas Sewing ListContinue stitching the grandchildren’s 2022 Christmas softies. Done!  They are prepped and ready to stitch!

This Week's List
1. Sunday Slow StitchingStitch up one hexie a day.  
2.  Crochet Except for my portable project, I'm still taking a crocheting break.  
3.  Christmas Sewing ListContinue stitching the grandchildren’s 2022 Christmas softies (July is my deadline).  
4.  Machine Sewing: Stitch up Row 5 Pieces in the Garden  by the 24th of June.  

Gratitude Journal

This song fits so many various circumstances!
Are you, or someone you love, facing seemingly endless health issues?  So did Katy Nichole.  This beautiful song was birthed from her own experience.  

Or perhaps you, or someone you love, are facing unspeakably painful circumstances?  Is your heart broken?  This song is for you - I pray in Jesus' name you will find peace.

Many of you write about going for daily walks.  Perhaps, just maybe, if we all pray over the homes we pass like this song demonstrates, we can touch our part of the world.  

Are you praying for a loved one?  DON'T GIVE UP!  Keep praying in Jesus' name!    

Our nation has been in crisis for so many years...too many. When we feel helpless and frustrated, we can go to our precious Abba who will move Heaven and Earth at our cry.   Sometimes I feel so helpless...then I came across this song.

I am so grateful for this acronym.  There are various online articles that support its use as well as dismiss it.  For me, it reminds me to pause before I speak - most of the time.  We're all a work in progress, right?

I made this salad a few weeks ago and we loved it!  Since I started taking the extra time to prep my veggies and berries (cutting them and storing them in Mason jars), eating healthier has become so much easier!  This salad has lettuce, red cabbage, spinach, celery leaves, blueberries, mandarin oranges, bell peppers, roma tomatoes, pecans and left over grilled chicken.  My sister taught me about homemade salad dressings, so I made a simple one using olive oil, lemon juice and basil.  It was so fresh and delicious!  
I'm so grateful for my grandbabies!  They keep encouraging me to participate in NitroType with them.  I've picked it up again and am surprised at how my typing skills are improving!  Writing the blog is becoming much easier and faster!

I'm so grateful for Marly, our grand-dog.  He brings so much goodness to our family!  
Mia is aging...I'm glad she had this rare cuddling moment with Chico, our energetic fur baby.  

Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

The last two weeks I shared some tips on what made chemo more manageable for me.  What I didn't expect was the year and a half recovery from chemo as well as the life-long effects it would have on my body.
Before chemo, I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  There is a medication commonly called The Red Devil (doxorubicin/Adriamycin) that intensified the fibromyalgia pain and fatigue.  For the first couple of years, I had to use a wheelchair/walker much of the time.  Six and a half years later, I'm still dealing with a more severe case of fibromyalgia.  
The neuropathy remains, but has improved.  A common over the counter supplement combination that was recommended by my oncologist was Alpha Lipoic Acid and Tumeric with black pepper.  Remember, every cancer, treatment and patient are different!  Check with your doctors before taking any supplements!    
In spite of these effects, the movie It's A Wonderful Life reminds me that I should be grateful to be alive.
Next week, I'll share more about how I've dealt with the after effects of chemotherapy.      
Take good care, my dears!
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  1. Such a sweet testament to your husband and relationship. I have been retired since 2015 and it's hard to believe sometimes how I had time to work!

  2. I love that THINK acronym. It crosses my mind every time I'm about to impulsively respond to something stupid online. Often, my words aren't needed in this situation! My words wouldn't change people's minds and would just cause stress for me. It's best to just keep scrolling.

  3. Dearest Patricia, as always - a pleasure to visit your post and to find some rest and peace and encouragement for the week.

    Have a wonderful and blessed week and enjoy your Netgalley read!

    Elza Reads

  4. I reread Flowers for Algernon a couple of years ago... such a powerful story!

  5. I LOVE Katy Nichole's song!! I am also enjoying Ellie Holcomb's I Will Carry You. Have a great week.

  6. I'm happy you are enjoying having your husband home. After four years, I'm still delighted that my husband is here with me every day.

    I should print out the THINK poster. It is an excellent reminder to me.

    It's funny that your g-daughter is loving Nancy Drew and you are...perhaps...a little less. My mom loved Nancy Drew and I was the reluctant reader.

  7. If you can cope with multiple books on the go - do it! Love your fabric for the new BOM you are going to take part in.

  8. How lovely that you enjoy having your husband home with you. I love my husband but by the time his annual four weeks of holiday is up, I’m ready for him to go back to work lol

    Wishing you a great reading week

  9. That is so cute what your granddaughter said about the Nancy Drew mysteries being too spooky to read at night. Good for you for getting your grandchildren’s Christmas softies ready to stitch! I felt the same way about my husband when he went to work after a long weekend. Now that he's home all the time, we hardly ever go anywhere without one another - we get too lonesome.
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!

  10. So many good things to read in your post! Glad you're still buddy reading with your granddaughter. That sounds like such fun! Your salad idea sounds so yummy - I need to get more of those kinds of foods in my life, I think. A new BOM will be great fun! I'll enjoy seeing what you're making.

  11. Wow Patricia, 11 hexies during one week is great! How many have you already done ?
    I love salads and yours looks delicious.
    Your message today is super positive and important, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Love also the songs.

  12. Stay cool. We're moving up to those high temps too, but back to 70's this weekend.

  13. Coming to your corner of your internet makes me smile. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Ooh, love that new fabric!! Will be fun to see what it becomes. Chrisknits

  15. I tend to read multiple books too! So wonderful that you and your granddaughter are reading together. Thanks so much for visiting me and leaving me a wonderful comment. Have a wonderful weekend!


  16. Love the fat quarter bundle. Can't wait to see the quilt!