Thursday, April 28, 2022

Health Update

Hello Everybody!

Thank you so much for your get well messages via this platform as well as Instagram!  I've tried to keep up with you all on Instagram, but simply do not have the energy to read blogs at this point.  I'm slowly recovering, listening to the doctor's orders, my family's and friends' guidance and learning to rest beside the still waters.  

After the nurse removed the staples, my incision started draining pus.  A visit to a local urgent care, as well as an injection of a strong antibiotic took care of the issue.  My follow up visit to the surgeon showed great progress in clearing up whatever was brewing.  I'm now applying Vitamin E oil to the incision which is helping immensely.  

I'm making great progress in Physical Therapy!  I may be released soon to continue exercising on my own at home.  I can go as an out patient here locally, but I'm debating that course of action due to COVID. 

Naps and rest are still my friends.  This week, I've started playing just a bit with fiber arts again.  I'm now able to read about 20 minutes without falling asleep!  

Take good care everyone of you!   


  1. So glad to hear you are doing well and that you got the infection taken care of so promptly. It's amazing what surgery takes out of you, right? Cheers to you for progressing in PT - it is so hard to stay positive when you are doing something you really don't feel like doing - lol! I'm just glad you are feeling better and pray that the remainder of your recovery goes smoothly and quickly. Take care dear one!

  2. I"m glad you're continuing to improve. Rest is so important too.

  3. Take care, it does take time to recover and then of course the exercise. Good that the PE is working out well.

  4. Keeping you in my prayers for a strong recovery.

  5. Hoping things continue to go well in your healing PT! Sending lots of good wishes your way!