Sunday, August 8, 2021

God's Protection, Reading, Stitching and Gratitude

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Welcome!  Thank you for stopping by!  In this week's post I'll be sharing from Psalm 104 as well as some of the books I've read, am reading and plan to read, a new slow stitching project and weekly gratitude journal!    I hope you enjoy your stay with me!  


After several years of intending to read it, I just picked up The One Year Book of Hymns and was so blessed by this morning's reading (8/5)!  Mary Artemisia Lathbury wrote the first two stanzas as she watched the sun set.  
The devotional notes referred to Psalm 104:19-23.
Even as God was creating the world, he planned for our safety!  As we now know this, let our faith rise even in this midst of our world situation!  Let us use Godly wisdom and go forth in faith!
You know how children as so many various questions, such as, "Why is the sky blue?"  Well, if they ask you why cats are nocturnal, you can tell them it's God's way of protecting us!  🙌  

READING As  you can see from the list at the end of my posts, I link up to several reading linky parties!  
You can click on the books' images to be directed to a review page on  Goodreads.  :)
Currently Reading

Such a fun read!  I look forward
to reading more of Alvarez' books!
Next few books  

STASH REPORT is a Sunday Stash link up at Quilt, Paint and Create where we share our stats regarding our fiber usage and acquisitions.  It has really helped me cull my shopping and use what I have!  
Yarny numbers
No changes here......  
Fabric numbers
No changes here either.
Productivity Stats
Or here....  :)

TO DO TUESDAY is a link up party usually at Chris Knits, where we share our progress on our weekly goals.  It really helps me to stay focused - most of the time!  😊

Last Week's List
  1.  Cut out the pieces for this second mitten set.  😉
I sat down one day listening to Purple Hibiscus and completed this task in one sitting.  My granddaughter and I added hand sewing time to our Book Club meeting, so I wanted to be sure to have this ready!  
After our Book Club, my granddaughter and I are now slow stithcing together!  Inset3ad of working on one mitten at a time, this time I am completing one color at a time on each mitten.  Here's my progress with white thus far!
It's hard to see, but it's there on
Santa Claus and the "Starman/woman"
2. Make progress on the three afghans. 😏I've made significant progress on two of the three afghans. They are coming out nicely!

Current Measurements:  37" across
Current Measurement 17" X 60"
3.  Try to sew something - anything.  Find my sewing mojo again.  How do you find your lost sewing mojo?  What do you do to lure your sewing mojo back?  Please share in the comments section!  X I've done some slow stitching, but no machine sewing - yet!  :)
This Week's List
1.  Sunday Slow Stitching :  For Sunday's stitching I'll be working to finish all the stitching requiring white + two other colors TBD.  
2.  Crochet:  Continue to make  progress on my hexagon afghan.
I have been so grateful to have time with my parents this past week.  Also, here at home, we've had a bit of company and enjoyed speical nightly visits with our children.  Our evenings have been filled with laughter!
I love my Happy Planner reading journal!

How in the world does Chico know that 
someone is coming over?

They haven't even pulled up into the drive yet!

This is a fun little workout I saw on Instagram.
I wonder if it works?

Giving Kitty a "soft place to land" 
makes my heart sing!

How I love the view from my rocking chair!

Most of our pears were ready to harvest. 
My grandchildren and I had fun picking them!
While I was out of town taking care of my parents,
my daughter and grandchildren came over to check on our dogs.
Upon my return, I found this little toy care on my desk.
I lovingly call these overlooked toys, "Signs of life". 

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  1. I love you and your granddaughter are spending time together enjoying stitching and each other's company. It sounds as if you have had a joyous week blessed with family and God's love. Why, I think I love all the Psalms. The book of Psalms is a well-thumbed book in my Bible.

  2. How wonderful that you and your granddaughter are spending time together working on stitching.I think it is a great idea to work on one color at a time on the mittens. You will have them complete in not time. Have a great week.

  3. The One Year Book of Hymns sounds like it would make a wonderful devotional. I started out the year with a devotional, but I couldn't resist reading ahead and I finished it too quickly.

    The Invisible Husband of Frick Island sounds intriguing to me. I'd like to hear your thoughts.

    I don't know about sewing mojo. My mom had all the sewing and crafting mojo in our family, and I never learned to do anything except quilt.

    Gratitude is magical, isn't it?

  4. How fun that you get to slow stitch with your granddaughter! Your yarn is so pretty on your afghans. Chico is like our cats. Their ears perk up before anyone even knocks on the door. Sometimes I just go with the "no sewjo", but I can usually get it back by cleaning my room or by straightening an area in it or by going through my quilting magazines. Anything I can do in my room seems to help. Good luck getting it back!

  5. I’d like to read The Invisible Husband.
    Glad you’ve had a week full of laughter.

    Wishing you a great reading week

  6. I love those stash reports. What a great way to stay organized!

  7. Lovely items you have going! When I lose mojo I just pick something to sew on and make myself do it. If the mojo doesn't come back, I find something else. Most of the time it works. Thanks for lining up with To-Do Tuesday, good luck with your list for next week!

  8. Lots of wonderful things in this post! Pretty views around your home and how nice to enjoy family. My sewing mojo usually returns by looking at favourite designers and fellow quilters blogs...I will always find something that stirs me. Hope it won't be too long a "dry spell".