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Foreigners, Reading, Stitching and Gratitude

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I'm so glad you're here!  In The Weekly Word we will look at what the Bible says about foreigners.  In the Reading Life  section I'm excited to share some great books.  My Stash Report remains, but I am sewing again!  I met some of my To Do Tuesday goals and am making progress on my Sunday Slow Stitching mittens.  My Gratitude Journal continues to ground me in gratefulness and the art of seeking joy in everyday events.   I hope you enjoy your visit!  After I respond to your comments, I look forward to visiting your blogs as well! 

The Weekly Word

I wrote about a book, Barrio America by A. K. Sandoval-Strausz here, but wanted to share a Scripture he shared as a beginning quote that has inspired this post. 

As a Latina, as a woman, as a person, I have been shocked, hurt and angered by the intolerant, racists comments I've heard on the news spoken by our leaders, heard in my community, even spoken by my neighbors and friends.  What is so sad is that most of these people are even unaware of their biases!  This post may anger some of you, but that's ok because I've listened to so many speak their truth, now it's time to speak mine.
Some foreigners, refugees are hurting people who are fleeing their countries seeking safety, shelter and a future for themselves and their children.  Or perhaps they have all these things.  Perhaps there basic needs are met and they are simply seeking a new, improved life for their families.  Whatever the reason, they are to be treated with Christ's love.  In face, Jesus was a refugee!  

People who look different from us are not weaker. Nor should we lump them into one characteristic. We are all created in God's image, so when we make racists comments, what are we saying about God himself? When we refuse to show love and kindness to foreigners, refugees and those who look different from us, what are we saying about God Himself ?

When I read Leviticus 34:19 I was pleasantly surprised that God Himself would address this topic.  Then I realized there are many verses welcoming immigrants, refugees with the love of Christ (If you're interested, explore this page, or here).  
As I explored sources for this post, this post from Natalie Regoli at Connect Us stood out.  In fact, I wrote many drafts for this post, but Regoli's article is very well written, explaining my heart completely.  
Though this post may not be as eloquent or fully explain my heart, I do pray we, as foreigners on this earth learn to treat foreigners, refugees and those who look different from us, with compassion and grace - much like the grace our Father has shown us.  
Will we be His army?

Reading Life

As  you can see from the list at the end of my posts, I link up to several reading linky parties!  
You can click on the books' images to be directed to a review page on  Goodreads.  :)
Currently Reading
With all the changes in life these days, my granddaughter and I have skipped a week/two of our book club.  However, we were able to meet yesterday and had a blast playing "Guess the Capitals of the States" game as well as discussing our book, Island of the Blue Dolphins!  
The Midnight Library came in from my own library, so that one has priority to finish as there are others requesting it.  The Invisible Husband of Frick Island has been such an entertaining read for my Buddy Read!  I picked up another audio book from Libby, Whose Names Are Unknown and am already pulled into the story.  
It was nice to switch to a lighter read this week!  Alice's attitude about living adventures rather than simply reading about them was refreshing.  I enjoyed reading about her growth as a person, Lillie's guidance and wisdom were a fabulous addition to the book.  A definite four star read!
Next few books 
I am slowly working my way alphabetically through my TBR list at Goodreads  by finding audiobooks available on Libby.  With my trips to see Mama and Daddy, this is a great opportunity to read.  😉 We Hope For Better Things is one of those golden finds!  

My Stash Report

 is a Sunday Stash link up at Quilt, Paint and Create where we share our stats regarding our fiber usage and acquisitions. The Slow Stitching Sunday link up is a place where we share our hand sewing projects.  I find I need some slow stitching  every day!  
Yarny numbers
 No real changes here -
or here.....
Productivity Stats
I've almost finished my second set of mittens!  
The final Qube Crush blocks are finished! 

To Do Tuesday

 is a link up party in which we cheer each other on as we share the progress/lack thereof regarding our weekly goals!  Thank you Chris @ Chris Knits for hosting!  
Last Week's List
-  Sunday Slow Stitching:  Finish the mittens.   Almost there!  Perhaps by next week!
-  Crochet:  Progress on my afghan/s and dishcloths. Goal completed!
-  Machine Sewing:  Prep for Melva's Pieces of the Past Sewalong. Barely finished in time for this post! 
This Week's List
- For my Sunday Slow Stitching I'm hoping to finish my mitten set!  
-   Crochet:  This will be my long-term goal:  Progress on my afghan/s and dishcloths. 
- Machine Sewing:  Stitch up and link Melva's Pieces of the Past Sewalong
Except for Melva's Sew-a-Long and the final mitten set, I'm considering putting all my other projects on hold to begin focusing on Christmas sewing and crocheting.  Hopefully, that will stay the December sewing crunch!  🎄

My Gratitude Journal

I've always loved this corner art in my neighborhood.
This same person made good use of these beautiful bottles.
I wonder where they came from?
Our recent rains have lead to many beautiful blooms in our neighborhood!
I love this cute little burro that was by the register at a restaurant!
Poor Mia!  It's late afternoon and she's worried
about my husband as he's not home. 
She doesn't understand that he's working night shift tonight.....  

I hope you all have a blessed week!  Until next time, take good care!

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  1. Audiobooks certainly help with reading, I haven't been listening so much lately but i must get on to it. Ah Mia - sitting there hoping!! Enjoy your reading.

  2. "I do pray we, as foreigners on this earth learn to treat foreigners, refugees and those who look different from us, with compassion and grace - much like the grace our Father has shown us." Beautifully said.

    I'm very interested in Invisible Life. I need to find time to find it and read it. Midnight Library takes on suicide, and I think Matt Haig offers a lot to think about.

    Your Gratitude Journal is full of sweet moments. Thank you for sharing them, and for sharing all your thoughts here.

  3. Great haul! You have so many good books that I want to read. Midnight Library is on my TBR, I can't wait to hear what you think of it.

  4. Your dog is so cute waiting by the door. Ours do the same.

  5. Well you know I love audiobooks and always have one I am listening to and one book I am reading. Yes, we all need to open our arms and help each other. I am often amazed at how selfish people have become.

  6. wow, those mittens are too cute, great job!
    I keep hearing about The Midnight Library, maybe I'll try it

  7. Your gratitude journal section is inspiring, makes me want to start one too. Thanks for the sharing the links to the quilts and crocheting reads. I was looking for ideas.