Sunday, June 7, 2020

Saturday's Song. Slow Stitching. Stash Report.

So, I'm trying out the new Blogger platform.  I've noticed the songs don't come out on my IPhone unless I switch to the web version.  The fonts are coming out funky, but other than those two issues, I think this post is ok.  I hope so!  :)
Saturday's Song

Worn by Tenth Avenue North
Several years ago, a friend shared this song with me and then she shared it again recently.  I praise God for her.
George Floyd's murder left me shocked, worn and introspective.
Change must come.  
But first, in my opinion, we need to feel the emotions this latest murder has awaken.
Then, when we're ready, we will tell our hearts to beat again.  

Tell Your Heart to Beat Again

Slow Stitching
My husband and I converted one of our rooms into a sort of hand crafting, journaling, talking, reading room....a quiet place to just be.  I love it.  
So do our pets.

I'll be spending time in there working on my Grandmother's Flower Garden.  It's so much easier now that I can spread out!

I'm also working on another prayer shawl.  The pattern is Victoria Lacy Shawl at Pattern Princess.  At first, it was difficult to grasp, but I'm so glad I stuck with it!  After my hands learned the pattern, it's almost an automatic, mindless crochet project.  And It's so beautiful!  The yarn is Summertime by Diamond Luxury, 55% cotton, 45% acrylic in color #160.  I highly recommend both the pattern and the yarn.  

The Wednesday dishtowel is finished and Thursday is waiting in the wings.  

Stash Report
I've been busy on orders for masks and scrub caps.  Have you noticed a shortage of grey and black fabric in your area?  My customers certainly request them, so so I've stocked up, purchasing 3 and 6 yards respectively. I splurged and bought a bolt of Bella Solid off white for my daughter and I to share.  

Fabric in
Since April 1: 37.91 yards
Fabric out
Since April 1: 37.020 yards 
Difference:  -.890

Yarn In
Since April 1: 40.9 ounces
Yarn out
Since April 1: 62 ounces
Difference: +21.1

Blessings to all!
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  1. Welcome back! So glad to see you are still sewing and crocheting. Beautiful shawl!

  2. The little stitchery on the teatowel is so very sweet and I always love to see a pretty Grandmother's Garden being stitched. A beautiful prayer shawl, too. Yes, change must come for the world will not wait any longer to see injustices being made right. I saw a sign this week "I understand I don't understand but I stand" powerful.

  3. Oh, now you've made me feel guilty. I have been wanting to change my daughter's old bedroom into a craft/guest room for a few years now and all I have managed to do is swap out the twin bed for a daybed with trundle. So glad you are enjoying your new room. Maybe you have inspired me. I love the shawl and dish towel!

  4. I love Tell Your Heart To Beat Again. I just bought some patterns from Colonial Patterns as I love DOTW tea towels. What do you stitch yours on? Have a lovely week.