Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Just A Cold. Scripture Memorization Journal. Your Comments.

Just A Cold.
Well, I caught my first cold since November 2014!  I was being "chiple" (spoiled) and whining to my husband about how miserable I felt.  Then I got the giggles and realized - hey - it's just a cold - not cancer!  not chemo!  Miserable as I may feel - praise God!  It's just a cold!

 Scripture Memorization Journal.
Some time ago, I was inspired by this blog to memorize scripture in a more "organized" manner.  Yes, I guess I am "Type A"!  :)  I used this little note card holder 
and a few basic scrapbook supplies to create this:
The next page looks like this:
I got really creative - for me at least - on this page:
I carry this little book in my purse and work on learning these scriptures and truly making them a part of my being.  I would recite them during radiation.  You see the top page where it says, "Psalm 46:10"?  That's one of my favorite verses - Be still and know I am God.  I put the references of the previous page's scripture on the top of the next page so that I can either 1) learn the scripture with the reference or 2) simply see the reference and speak the scripture.  It's just a way to mix things up for myself.  

There are times when I don't have time to scrapbook my scripture, but I still want to memorize it.  So, I simply write the scripture out, then decorate it when I have time.  
Again, the previous scripture was in Ephesians.  
I don't follow rules, I just want to know God's precious Word.  

This type of notebook is not unique.  I definitely cruised through Pinterest to find ideas using the terms Scripture memorization notecards.   There are some awesome ideas out there!  

Your Comments
A friend mentioned she couldn't leave comments on this blog.  I think I fixed the issue, but if you try to leave a comment and can't, please email me! Thanks!

For today, this is my truth!


  1. Thank God for just a cold 😉! Thanks for sharing your scripture scrapbook, have loved that since you 1st. shared. Praying your cold will be gone soon in the name of Jesus, love ya friend