Saturday, May 13, 2023

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Hello There,
I hope you all are doing well!  This week has been socially active, organizationally productive and filled with time in the garden.  I've enjoyed visits with friends as we stitched.  If you read the Stash Report, you'll find that my sewing room is under a thoughtful reorganization.  Much of my mornings are spent working or simply enjoying my gardens.  How I love this time of year!  I've also discovered Lemon Ginger tea...yum!  Please relax and enjoy this weekly post!  Happy reading!

Here's is an index should you have a special interest you like to read first!  
The Weekly Word - is a short devotional that sometimes becomes a Bible Study series.  
My Reading Life - is filled with current, completed and upcoming reads as well as an occasional short review.      
Stash Report and To Do Tuesday is where I'll share share stats regarding my fiber usage and acquisitions, Slow Sunday Stitching projects, goals met/lack thereof and photos of my projects. 
Gratitude Journal - Sometimes I get lost in my own stinky thinking.  This digital journal reminds me to count my blessings! 
Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer -    Here you will find updates on life after Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  I was diagnosed in November of 2014 and my last day of treatment was in November 2015.    

The Weekly Word

Mother's Day is usually a special time for moms and their kiddos.  However, my birth mother and I had a very strained relationship for most of my life.  Thank God my father remarried a wonderful lady who I love as my Mama. 
I know I am not alone in my experience.  
One morning, during praise and worship service, I brought my hurt and anger to God with this challenge:  "Ok.  You say you are everything to me.  Where in Your Word does it say You are my mother?"  
He showed me Isaiah 49:15:

My healing had begun.  
If you are reading this and Mother's Day is a difficult day for you as a child/adult child, remember you have a Father in heaven who is your everything:  He will never forget you!
Child, you, we, are His.

My Reading Life

Currently Reading

Finished Reading

Linda Palacios crossed the border at age three with her mother, Juanita, to escape their traumatic life in Mexico and to pursue the American dream. Years later, Linda nears college graduation. With little hope for the future as an undocumented immigrant, Linda wonders where her life is going.
Tim Draker, a long-unemployed businessman, has wondered the same thing. Overcome with despair, he decides to take his own life. Before he can carry out his plan, he changes course when he finds a job as a mechanic. Embarrassed about working at a garage in the barrio, he lies to his wife in hopes of finding something better.
After Juanita’s coworker gets deported, she takes in her friend’s son, Hector, whom her daughter Linda can’t stand, While Juanita deals with nightmares of her traumatic past, she loses her job and decides to go into business for herself.
Will the three of them allow God to guide them through the challenges to come, or will they let their own desires and goals get in the way of His path? 
***** Vivir el Dream by Allison K. Garcia was a wonderful read that is as realistic as they come.  As a bilingual teacher in southern New Mexico, I observed many families simply trying to do with the characters in Ms. Garcia’s book are trying to do: make a better life for themselves and their children. One student I our school was the son of a doctor who lived in Mexico. She brought her son to the United States, because criminals were blackmailing her - and using the life of her son as collateral. In my 11 years of teaching at the same school, 98% of my families were honest, hard-working, and of high moral character as  they worked diligently for a better life for themselves and their children. Furthermore, their children were much more respectful and well behaved than many of the children in the regular education classrooms. I appreciate Ms.  Garcia’s book that highlights of vulnerability and injustices faced by so many people who are contributing to our society.  Highly recommend.

Cait Flanders is the author of Wall Street Journal bestseller, THE YEAR OF LESS. Described by Vogue as “a fascinating look into a living experiment that we can all learn from,” it has been translated into 10 languages, and sold more than 190,000 copies.

Her new book, ADVENTURES IN OPTING OUT, is a field guide to opting out of expectations, changing paths, and leading a more intentional life. Powell's Books says it, "offers a sturdy and flexible framework to navigate whatever path you are currently on."

Cait's story has been shared in The New York Times, The Guardian, The Globe and Mail,, Treehugger, Forbes, and more. She always has an adventure in the calendar, and believes in leaving every place better than she found it.

*****The Year of Less by Cait Flanders was a quick listen for me.  I was eager to hear her story!  I found her writing to be honest, non-judgmental and encouraging.  In fact, I have taken a page from her book and am applying it to my crafting life - and enjoying the results of a simpler, more focused lifestyle!  This will be a book I listen to repeatedly to maintain my lifestyle changes that Ms. Flanders inspired me to make.  Highly recommend
Slow Read

Stash Report

 In My Reading Life section, I shared how The Book of Less by Cait Flanders inspired me to simplify my crafty life.  Whenever I walked into my sewing studio, I felt overwhelmed by the “stuff” in there. My happy space was quickly becoming a jumbled, crushing mess. 

I took a long hard look at the contents realized that UFOs are my issue.  I know we all have UFOs and I’m not judging at all.  However, for me, these as UFOs represent wasted money and projects I’ve quit, not to mention they took over much more space than I was willing to give.  

In exploring more ways to make my crafty space a more pleasant space to enjoy, I came up with a plan.  

I pulled out my project bags filled with UFOs or kits and stuffed the rest into two boxes in my closet.  Once the project bags are empty, I’ll refill them.

I created this WIPs board to keep me focused.  The bonfire block is part of a BOM I started in 2018, Fall Into A Quilt.   The bunny block is part of a 2023 BOM, Teacup Critters @ Days Filled with Joy.  The mini Christmas tumblers are a leader ender project using the scraps from the Christmas tumbler quilt.  

Hopefully, we'll see much more fabric going out, than in!  At least that’s my plan…for now.  😊

Yarny Numbers - no changes yet!  I'm almost finished with my Fall Granny Square afghan.  After that, I'm excited to be starting a new project I've been wanting to make for years!  

 Fabric numbers - I finished a machine embroidery tote and lined it for one yard of fabric usage!  (see below)

To Do Tuesday

Last Week's List
1.  Slow Stitching
- Bee Humble:  Complete the hand embroidery of Sections Four and Five by May 15th. Section Five has a ton of beautiful details.    Not done.  I didn’t touch this one at all.
 - Teacup Critters:  Stitch up this month's block for the Teacup Critter SAL at Days Filled with Joy and maybe even stitch up the block!  Done! 
2.  Crochet
- continue making another 16 patch row for my Fall Granny Square Afghan; this should take about two -three weeks (I'm on week 2 of this goal)  Done!  I’m making progress on these squares! 
3.  Machine Sewing
Christmas Tumbler Quilt:  create a flimsy!  Done!  My daughter even quilted it and attached the binding! It will now go into the binding basket as I really want to bind my Pieces of the Garden quilt that was a SAL hosted by Melva at Melva Loves Scraps!

Fall Into A Quilt: Stitch up the two prepared blocks One block is finished!


4.  Machine Embroidery 
finish this Kimberbell Lovebirds Tandem Bicycle Tote. Done!  I even lined it and added a pocket.  I used this tutorial from Be Sew Creative’s YouTube channel to complete this task in less than 45 minutes! 

How to line a Kimberbell Tote

 Next Week’s List
1.  Slow Stitching
- Bee Humble - Complete the hand embroidery of Sections Four and Five
2.  Crochet
Fall Granny Square Afghan:  continue making another 16 patch row.   
3.  Machine Sewing
- A Road Trip QuiltWe have had our last class, so it’s time to put my “A Road Trip” quilt top together!  It will definitely take more than a few days and I plan to be very methodical in my approach.    Here’s is what the quilt top should look like:

I’ve set it up on my design board, grouping each step. 


Fall Into A Quilt: Stitch up the Sunflower Block

- Teacup Critters @ Days Filled with Joy :  – Stitch up the bear block
 4.  Machine Embroidery 
- Make four labels for the various finished projects
- - Finish Let's Get Ready to Bumble tea towel

Gratitude Journal

the song

the verse

LeeAnna at Not Afraid of color hosts an "I Like" link up every Thursday.  She provides her "regulars" with a prompt and here's this week's:  Have we ever had a close encounter with a celebrity?  

Oh yes!  I’ve met Edward James Olmos twice!  Once, when working on my undergrad, we hosted a mini Bilingual Education Conference and he attended!  My son and I were in line to meet him.  When he turned to us, I was overwhelmed by the kindness in his eye and the nearness of him.  All I could stutter was, “Este es mi hijo…”  (This is my son.)  He smiled with deep understanding and hugged me.  He shook my son’s hand and shared words of wisdom with him.

The next time I met him was at NMSU when he gave a lecture.  My husband and I spoke with him and shared how his movie Stand and Deliver inspired us both to go to college.  My husband went onto to earn his MBA.  We purchased his wonderful book, Americanos.  

Here are a few of my Instagram likes!  I learn so much from these slogans!


This Week's Moments of Gratitude
1.  I confidently handled a situation with my insurance company and felt so empowered!
2.  A group of us gather at Starbucks every week to visit and some of us bring our handwork.  One young barista told me she was so inspired by our crochet work, she taught herself how to crochet and is making a crocheted flower bouquet for her mama for Mother's Day!  
3.  I made myself a "WIPs" board and my daughter showed me how to decorate it in the future!  :)
Hello From Chico

Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Life during chemo is tough...luckily I don't remember very much of it.  I was given 500ml (I think) of steroids to combat the nausea and vomiting.  That helped so much!  It's very important to communicate with your oncologist, however.  We called him when I vomited or was nauseous and, after a few tries, he found the right medication for me.  
To help with diet, try plasticware helps if the patient has a metal taste in their mouth.  Water is very important, but it made me nauseous just to think about drinking it so we added flavoring.  Taste buds will change.  One week I went through at least three packages of celery!  The next week my thoughtful husband bought more celery and I was grossed out by the sight! 😂
I did not lose weight at all, in fact I gained weight!   I'm not sure why, maybe the steroids?
I was often on a steroid high for a couple of days after chemo, then would sleep all the time.  
My mind was befuddled, hence the many UFOs I started!  :)
Thank God I don't remember very much about that time in my life! 
If you're going through cancer, remember, every cancer is different.  Even if you have the same cancer as someone else, every case is different. 
Hugs to you! 

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  1. Patricia, I always feel uplifted after visiting your blog. Life is rough at times, and it's hard to keep sending kindness and positivity back at those who seem intent on knocking us to the ground and paralyzing us. Thank you for sharing ways you are dealing with the hard things in life.

    It was only in the last fourteen years of my work in schools that I became familiar with bilingual education. I heard stories of the power of bilingual education and I love it that you were able to do this work in schools.

  2. Such a sweet reminder that God is everything, we don't need to rely on our human connections which will always disappoint us. Happy Mother's Day.

  3. Sounds like you have alot going on. The Catherine Ryan Hyde book looks really good. I hope you have a great week!

  4. The Year of Less is still on my wish list. Glad to know it good on audio, too... I'll probably go that route.

  5. I do enjoy your updates! I hope you have a fabulous week!

  6. The fact that your group inspired the barista to learn to crochet warmed my heart.

  7. I hate how I seem to have unfinished projects too and am working my way through them although doesn't stop me from starting something new! I bet the Catherine Ryan Hyde book is good.

  8. Looks like some good books. Have a good week.

  9. I always look forward to your wonderful posts. Wow on that scripture from Isaiah - talk about direct answer to prayer. He does that very well, doesn't He? :) I like your working solution to being overwhelmed with stuff in your creative space. I am still hanging on to paints and crafts paraphernalia that could be cleaned out to give more space to sewing, which is my main focus right now. I need to think about it, OK pray about it, and see what happens! I love your Christmas tumbler quilt, and I love that peek at your Pieces in the Garden quilt. I love Edward James Olmos - how cool you got to see him twice! Take care and have a wonderful week!

  10. I have enjoyed several of Catherine Ryan Hyde's books, but haven't read the one you showed. It sounds interesting! I really like your plan for knocking out the UFOs - I have a lot of them, too. They can feel overwhelming! And meeting Edward James Olmos - that's so neat! I am a fan of his, too.

  11. Another book for my to be read collection. I haven’t read any of Hyde’s previous books but this one interests me. You’ve got so many projects going on and yet it appears you make steady forward progress. Great job.

  12. I will have to look into Quiet Strength for my father-in-law. He is more of a baseball fan, but enjoys football too--and anything faith based is in his wheelhouse. I've enjoyed a couple of Catherine Ryan Hyde books but haven't read Just a Regular Boy. I hope you enjoyed both!

    Vivir el Dream sounds amazing. I will have to add that to my wish list.

    How cool that you got to meet Edward James Olmos! I am glad to hear he is a nice person. I really like his work.

    I hope you had a great week and enjoy your weekend!

  13. I loved making the Road Trip quilt a few years ago when it was first released as a free sew along. Thanks for sharing in Sew & Tell

  14. Good progress this week! I also find clutter unmotivating. Good luck with your new system.