Sunday, March 12, 2023

Weekly Word: Psalm 25:6 + Books, Stitches and Gratitude!

 Hello There, 

Thank you so much for visiting today!  This week has been a great one for stitching and reading.  I've had time to make progress on my Bee Humble BOM, finish a project and even finish a book!  Yea!

Please pull a chair and your favorite snacks as you enjoy this week's post!

Here's is an index should you have a special interest you like to read first!  
The Weekly Word - is a short devotional that sometimes becomes a Bible Study series.  
My Reading Life - is filled with current, completed and upcoming reads as well as an occasional short review.      
Stash Report and To Do Tuesday is where I'll share share stats regarding my fiber usage and acquisitions, Slow Sunday Stitching projects, goals met/lack thereof and photos of my projects. 
Gratitude Journal - Sometimes I get lost in my own stinky thinking.  This digital journal reminds me to count my blessings!    

The Weekly Word

In You, LORD, my God I put my trust.
I trust in You; 
do not let me be put to shame nor let my enemies triumph over me.
No one who hopes in You will ever be put to shame, 
but shame will come on those who are treacherous without cause.
Show me Your ways LORD, teach me Your paths.
Guide me in Your truth and teach me 
for You are God my Savior, 
and my hope is in You all day long.
Remember, LORD, Your great mercy and love, 
for they are all from of old.
Do not remember the sins of my youth and my rebellious ways;
according to Your love, remember me, for You LORD, are good.

There's two points that struck me in verse six, the term "from of old" and God's attributes.  I love the phrase "from of old".  From eternity.  From forever.  From the beginning until now.  God's mercy and love have existed since...well since the beginning!  Isn't that amazing?  

During a recent Bible Study, a friend brought up this very point:  as we pray, let us follow the tradition of our faith ancestors and remind our precious LORD of His promises, His attributes and His past merciful works.  Let us pray these verses, not with manipulation, but with faith.  

My Reading Life

Currently Reading
Buddy Read

Finished Reading
Last year I got burned out on cozy mysteries, but The Zig Zag Girl by Elly Griffiths is a great fit for the Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge, so I gave it a shot (pun intended!) and I was not disappointed. At first, I annotated in my journal to keep the characters straight in my head and was pleased to actually figure out who the criminal was - a first for me.  The dual timeline plot, the protagonist and his buddies were all likeable. I've added the next book in the series to my TBR.  Definitely recommend.  

Slow Read

Reyna Grande's Corrido de Amor y Gloria (A Ballad of Love and Glory) is definitely a slow read.  As I work to regain my Spanish reading skills, I find that my comprehension level is increased if I read out loud, like a child learning to read!  However, my fluency is still pretty good!  🙌

The Stash Report

Yarny Numbers
The Sunshine Mommy and Me Afghan is finished!  Yea!  

Fabric numbers
I also finished a project bag by Annie for another yard of fabric used!

To Do Tuesday

1.  Slow Stitching  
Continue stitching on the Grandmother's Flower Garden in the evenings. I've done a bit of stitching.  It's fun to recall the various fabrics as I progress.
2.  Crochet 
make progress on the Sunshine afghan (The baby is due this month!) Done and finished!  
3. Machine Sewing:  
- Figure out the issue with the Bee Humble border Done!  I remade the Flying Geese border, finished the hand stitching, attached Month 4's border.  
These hexies and bees are what I'll be slow stitching today.  

Finish four $15 Sampler blocks for this month I finished this month's blocks!  Marsha provided a fabulous tutorial which I watched to learn how to use the Tri Recs ruler, then I forgot to continue watching to stitch up the blocks.  😇 
I did finally figure out to mark the center triangle 1/4" from each base point to place the center piece.  After doing that, my 2 1/2" pieces came out pretty good - much fewer lost points!  

Thanks to Melva Loves Scraps Pieces in the Garden SAL, I learned about the "scant 1/4 inch" seam.  That lesson was also instrumental in keeping most of my points!  I love this handy dandy little tool for thicker seams.  Of course, using my dual feed/walking foot would have worked as well.  :)

This Week's List 
1.  Slow Stitching  
- Continue stitching on the Bee Humble project
- Stitch up Block 1 of the Tea Critters BOM...uh yes, you read that right.

Earlier this year I shared that 2023 is the one year I would work on my own projects versus joining the many wonderful BOMs out there in Bloglandia...Did you grin when you read that?  I bet you did!  😉

Every Thursday Jocelyn over at Canadian Needle Nana shares freebies she finds online.  I fell in love with one of them - The Teacup Critters Block of the Month hosted by Joy McDonald at Days Filled with Joy.  She had me at hand embroidery, just look at this precious center for block one!  Then, I realized I had the Accuquilt die for the half-square triangles! Finally, I realized I could use charm packs for this pattern!  Sold and even recruited a friend to join me!  Here's my progress thus far!

2.  Crochet 
make progress on my Fall Granny Square afghan  

3. Machine Sewing:  
- Prep my next Christmas quilt
- Prep more Fall Into a Quilt blocks  

- Prep this month's $15 Sampler blocks

Visit Gratitude Journal

At one point or another, we have all be lost, wondering, "Who am I?  Who am I really?"  In Who I Am, Ben Fuller gives those of us who are lost the answer to who we are in the eyes of our Father.  

Lee Anna's prompt is perfect for springtime!  Do you like Spring flowers? I love spring flowers!  Which ones are your favorites?  I love crocus, daffodils, pansies and snapdragons!  Do you plant them in your yard? Unfortunately, except for snapdragons, the rest find our Southern New Mexico heat difficult to survive in, so I rarely plant them.  Is there a particular color you like? Though I sometimes chose a color theme for my gardens, most years I prefer an explosion of various colors.  Any interesting story to tell about seeing Spring flowers emerge? When I was 16, a dear friend passed away in early Spring.  As I mourned his death, I was surprised to see the trees blooming, the gardens begin to show their lovely colors and life continue.  It was then I realized that life does indeed move on.  There would be life after this season of pain.  Spring time blooms remind me there is potential for a beautiful life all around me.  Is there a time you were stunned seeing a whole collection of them somewhere like I was at Longwood Gardens?  Yes!  We were fortunate to live on the island of Okinawa for 4 1/2 years!  I was stunned at the gorgeous parks and gardens filled with colorful and well-maintained flower gardens!  San Diego never fails to amaze me with its beauty everywhere I look.  

Here's some of my favorite Instagram posts!
I may have shared this one before, but 
thought it worth sharing again!  😂

This Book caught my eye at
Barnes and Noble.

I'm hoping to add a bed in my office.
This style would be fun!  

And finally, Jeremy Camp's video ministers to the anxious heart.

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  1. Darling bag to store your embroidery for Joy's SAL . Your embroidery is so cute. I love the afghan ; such an amazing design and Bee humble is looking superb. You are staying very busy. Have a very lovely week.

  2. Your Sunshine afghan is just beautiful, Patricia! Congratulations on the finish! I love the spring flowers, too - crocus and tulips are just starting to come up in my garden.

  3. I’ve really enjoyed the Magic Men/Brighton Mystery series.

    Wishing you a great reading week

  4. That afghan brightens a room instantly. Congratulations on finishing it.

    I admire you for continuing to read Corrido de Amor y Gloria. It's a great idea to read it aloud.

    I hope you have a lovely week, Patricia.

  5. Love the Sunshine quilt, it is gorgeous. I started making a crochet purse this weekend for myself, and I am almost finished :) It has been a fairly easy project (thankfully!). I am hoping it turns out well. Have a great week!

  6. That scant 1/4" is something that isn't really talked about much but can make life much easier in getting blocks that are the proper finished size and saving points. :) Happy to have been of help :)

  7. The Zig Zag Girl sounds really good. I need a "Z" book for the Alphabet Soup Challenge too. I'll have to see if my library has this one. Have a great week!

  8. My mom loved to sew, crochet, knit etc. and was very good. You are too as your afghans etc. are beautiful. I love that bed!

  9. Scant quarter-inch seams is a good thing to learn. Too bad I tend to err toward a full quarter most of the time! What can you do? Old habits die hard. Happy quilting!

  10. Love your sunshine afghan!!! The colors are so pretty! And I can relate to flower gardens in Japan--they may have little space, but they sure know how to present flowers! My fav in Japan is the wisteria arbor!!!

  11. I hope you enjoy your quilting. I had quite a few afgans in my home growing up. Lovely walk down memory