Wednesday, July 22, 2015

An Update. Good bye Chemo!

Costa Rican Sunset with the quote "She stood in the storm, When the wind did not blow her away, she adjusted her sails.
My daughter sent me this quote and I love it!  That's how this journey has been for me - and indeed it has been a journey!  I did find an image with my ocean view, however.  I believe during this time, I have had to adjust my sails - a lot.  It's been hard.  It's been easy.  It's been full of pain.  It's been full of laughter.  It's been a crying time.  It's been a rejoicing time.  Whatever it has been, I'm ever grateful for my God, my family, friends and you - you who are reading this.  You know, lately the words, "Life is so good," has been coming out of my mouth more times than I can count.  And, indeed, as I adjust my sails, I see the truth in that statement:  Life is good!

An Update
I was emailing a friend of mine and decided to paste part of the email here.  Here's what's going on. The second mass did not show up at all on the MRI.  Praise God!

1.  chemotherapy - done!
2.  Five weeks of recovery - that's now until August 17 - 27 or so. 
3.  Surgery - lumpectomy and biopsy of my lymph nodes because the cancer spread to one node.  This should happen between August 17 - 27.  I'm really thinking it will be the week of August 17. 
4.  Three weeks recovery from surgery.
5.  Six - seven weeks daily radiation.
Then I'm finished with treatment.  Because I'm triple negative, there's no other treatment for me afterwards.  My prognosis depends highly on the pathological report of the tumor after surgery.

So, there we go!  Hopefully will be done by November and back to being a university student teacher supervisor by January!  I hope.  I hope. 

Good bye Chemo!
Yup!  That's right.  My last chemotherapy was July 16th!  Yea!   Of course this week I still have the fatigue, some pain in my legs and no strength at all to walk like I was.  In fact, all month fatigue has been my constant companion.  Pain has been beaten down by mega doses of B12.  I intend to conquer the fatigue as well.  Soon.  For now, I sleep when I need to, sew when I can, and live life to the fullest on my good days. 

And life is indeed good!

tinkerbell pixie dust flying
 Tinkerbell. Faith Trust &

My daughter sent me this one as well!  Gotta love Tinkerbell!

For today, that is my truth!


  1. Surgery will be a piece of cake after that chemo. I hope you are feeling better and stronger.

  2. Yes, I am feeling better - learning to get along with my new companion - her name is "Fatigue". :) I'm making peace with her. :)