Friday, May 15, 2015

A Review. State of the Union. A Future Plan.
Hello There!

I just wanted to review past progress and give you somewhat of the expected time line for the future. 

A Review.
I finished two months of the rough chemo on April 16.  This was the chemo you read about that caused nausea and vomiting.  Thank God that in my situation, I could talk to my oncologist and he adjusted my anti-nausea and vomiting meds to help minimize the systems.  He also added Prilosec to reduce stomach acid.  These changes were really effective!

Best of all, the ultrasound of the breast revealed that the tumor has shrunk by 50%! 

My hair has grown in about 1/2 inch, but the nurses tell me even that will fall out with my current chemo.  My eyebrows and eyelashes continue to fall out.  Thank God I attended a Look Good Feel Better class and learned to draw on eyebrows!  I'm using Systane Preservative Free Eye Drops in the disposable vials as well as Refresh PM eye ointment to help moisten my eyes. 

State of the Union.
On April 30 I began the 12 weekly treatments of Taxol.  The biggest change was no more nausea or vomiting!  Yea!  My fibromyalgia pain has really kicked in though.  It hits hard from my knees to my ankles.  Crippling pain that left me completely dependent on family and friends to help me walk. Again, after a call to my oncologist, we adjusted my medication for that particular ailment and I am now determined to walk 20 minutes a day.  Yes, it's exhausting, but I'm determined.  It can be fun, too!  Just the other day my hubby and I went walking and got caught in the rain.  I laughed and laughed as we rushed home! 


A Future Plan.
After this second batch of chemo, I should have surgery to remove what's left of the tumor, if anything, get clean margins, and remove the lymph nodes that are cancerous.  Following my recovery we are looking at radiation.  Ug.

But I know Who hold my future, so we'll proceed a day at a time. 

And for today, this is my truth!

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